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Randy Jackson Owes His Baby Mama $500,000 In Child Support!!!

Randy Jackson is one cunning, slick, non-paying child-support summamabytch. He’s after those Jackson stacks for that reason!

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Chris Bosh Claims Residency In Texas To Avoid Paying More Child Support

Damn! Chris Bosh must have the best lawyers in the business.

Teen Mob Steals Jeans From Chicago Store in a Flash

A surveillance video of a Chicago flash mob robbery shows a group of about 20 teens allegedly stealing over $3,000 worth of jeans over the weekend.

Jennifer Lopez’s Boyfriend is Gay

Certain undercover gays choose to stay in the warm comforts of their closets until they are forced out. That seems to be the case with Jennifer Lopez’s dancer/boyfriend, Casper Smart.

White TV Anchor Posts Photo Of Him Learning To Take Out His Black Daughter’s Braids

Frank Somerville, a news anchor from the Oakland area posted an image on Facebook the other day of him taking out his daughter’s braids…

Kobe bryant’s after party leaves him shirless with 2 beckys

Kobe Bryant‘s interpretation of a topless party is WAYYY different than ours.

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Mississippi Church Refuses To Marry Black Couple

Are we regressing??? An African-American couple was denied having their wedding performed by a church in Mississippi….

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