Miley Cyrus’ Topless Tease For Liam Hemsworth!

The partyin’ patriot who loves to let her tittays roam free for the world to see, once engaged in a naughty,

topless photoshoot meant specifically for fiance Liam Hemsworth (above)!

In the seductive pic which recently leaked online, Miley Cyrus poses in a tub with a come hither and rub me down stare in this sexy snap taken a year or so ago by photographer friend Vijat, and DAYUM is Miley looking all sorts of mature!

It must have been really HARD to keep from mounting Miley right there in that bathtub, right Liam?
Good thing you two are getting married SOON… we’re sure Mileybird has all sorts of kinky things planned for the wedding night! WhiPAH!

Hey, maybe SHE should play Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades!
Check out MORE of Miley acting oh so “grown up” (below)!



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