Chris Bosh Claims Residency In Texas To Avoid Paying More Child Support

Damn! Chris Bosh must have the best lawyers in the business.


He is going through all types of lengths to avoid paying more child support to his baby mama, Allison Mathis, who recently applied for food stamps after losing her job. Although he makes about $18 million a year, Chris is only paying Allison $2600 a month and she says that’s barely enough to pay her mortgage and other expenses while she looks for a new gig.
Recently, Chris Bosh filed legal documents in Orlando claiming that his current state of residence is not Florida (where he shares a $12 million dollar home with his wife Adrienne Bosh) but in Dallas, TX where he has a home worth about $73000 bucks. How does this affect Allison? If the judge overlooking their child support case declared Florida as his current state of residency instead of Texas, she would be entitled to 3% of his income (after taxes) which is around $30,000 a month.
Sucks for Allison!
Chris also blocked her from joining the cast of ‘Basketball Wives’ last season which would have provided her with a little something something to make ends meet in the meantime.  Unfortunately for his baby’s mother, Chris Bosh might be taking notes from Dwyane Wade and it wouldn’t be surprising if he files for full custody of their daughter next.


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