Chelsea Handler Sitting on Rick Ross Lap!!!

‘I love big, black men!’

It looks like 50 Cent isn’t the only rapper to get Chelsea Handler all hot and bothered.  Rick Ross visited her show ‘Chelsea Lately’ and before the interview even started she was already sitting on his lap talking about riding him like a scooter. Rozay was suppose to be there to promote his latest album ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ but instead spent most of his time flirting and telling Chelsea she had promised him sex and that they could get married [without signing the papers of course.]
The two went back and forth for most of the interview, with Chelsea saying that she was upgrading from 50 Cent to Rozay after Rick Ross told her she needed to upgrade from her Bentley to a Maybach. [She better stop before she brings back that 2009 rap beef between these two.]  She finally took a break from flirting to talk about his health scare earlier this year when he had multiple seizures during the same day:

“I had a seizure. Basically too much weed. I wake up, I party too much, I drink too much at the parties. Then I would wake up in the morning and drink the warm leftover champagne and it took a toll on my kidney. Well really I was just extremely exhausted so I had to change up a few things. I’m trying, I’m not all the way there yet but I’m trying.[…]I’m drinking a little less.”



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