Nelly Spotted With Ashanti Outside of Fallon

Nelly and Ashanti have been together for at least eight years but still aren’t claiming each other as a couple. Or at least publicly.  

The two were spotted outside of NBC Studios, right after Nelly’s visit to ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’. 

And who knew Nelly had so much going on?  He recently opened his own trade school in downtown St. Louis called the Extreme Institute where they teach kids how to be producers, engineers and behind the scenes of the music industry.  He also has a new reality show, produced by Queen Latifah, that is coming to the CW called ‘The Next’ where he will be mentoring youtube sensations and young talent looking for their major break and he has a new album titled, ‘M.O’ that will be released later this year.
He mentioned all of this and more in his interview with Fallon but a really funny moment during the interview was when Nelly admitted that he gets caught up in reality TV. Specifically, Bridezilla.

I kind of got caught up watching Bridezillas. I ain’t gonna front. It wasn’t my idea; it started out as somebody else’s idea and I was watching with them and before I knew it I was watching by myself.
It’s crazy to me. First of all, weddings is what it is. I understand it’s her day. Men, we get told where to stand, she’ll be here when she get here. We don’t get a song. Nobody stands when we come down the aisle. They’re not waiting for us. I get it. To see that and see this pressure on all these women and watch them snap, it’s made for television to me.



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