Photo of Drake at Frank Ocean concert reignites ghey rumors

A photo tweeted by Odd Future frontman Tyler, the Creator has sparked rumors that Drake and Frank 

Ocean might be more than friends. Drake has long been the subject of rampant teh ghey rumors.
Tyler tweeted the photo of himself hanging out with Drake backstage at Ocean’s show in Los Angeles on Tuesday. In the cryptic caption under the photo, Tyler wrote: “Lmfao. Can Ya Woo Woo Woo!!!!

Tyler (pictured above wearing a woman’s cropped biker jacket) is also suspected of living life in the closet.
Alert Twitter users made note that Ocean and Drake are both the same age: 24. Ocean announced his homosexuality in a poignant letter on his Tumblr page. In the letter Ocean stated he was passionately in love with an unavailable man who was the same age as he.

According to my west coast connect, an unnamed rapper is seriously considering coming out of the closet now that Ocean has taken the stigma off being gay in hip hop.



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