Lil Mama Talks ‘Natural Hair’ Haters

Why are sistas so hard on each other, especially when it comes to hair?  


 Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a hair discussion which revolved around weaves vs. Natural hair or permed vs unrelaxed hair. It’s almost never ending…
Rapper Lil Mama traveled to Philly over the weekend, where she attended the American Benefactor Foundation’s “I Will Be Great” Leaders Ceremony as well as the Global Fusion Festival. While there, she was spotted rocking a new curly frohawk, just weeks after posting a photo of herself on twitter wearing her natural hair picked out into an afro. In an interview with, Lil Mama expressed her disappointment with the comments that she received after she posted her natural hair photo, especially the ones that were posted by other black women.

“I posted the picture [of my hair] and they were like, ‘Oh my God, you look like a shot slave.’ I didn’t get one comment from a white person that was negative about my hair. All of them came from the sisters that had these bulls–t helmet weaves, looking like a fake azz Nicki Minaj or whoever else they think they is. They don’t know who they are and the people that they are looking to for guidance don’t know who they are. So, it sucks.”
On if she thinks that the perception of Natural Hair can be changed
I think you can change it — Michael Jackson said it best: Start with the man in the mirror. And being natural all your life and never converting to get a perm because you feel pressured shows your strength, not only as a woman but as an individual because that made you who you are. I feel like just going natural, I feel good about it, and I’m just trying to find different ways that I feel pretty, not the typical version of pretty.

White.  Excuse me….European influenced.



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