Nicki Minaj ‘Pounds the Alarm’ in Trinidad

Nicki Minaj skipped out on the 4th of July celebrations here in the States earlier this week and instead spent the holiday home in her native country Trinidad, 

working on a video for her new Europop single, “Pound the Alarm.”  She looked right at home and in her element as she paraded down the streets of Trinidad  with some of the countries biggest Soca artists while wearing a barely-there Masquerade costume

It was like Carnival for the locals who danced and partied in the streets for hours.  Meanwhile, director Benny Boom said the video would be a good look for Trinidad & Tobago and he hopes to be able to showcase what the island has to offer.

I think Trinidad is challenge sometimes, tourism wise, because in the (United) States at least people don’t know it as a location for beaches and that sort of thing, so I think that in that regard, you gotta get people to look at the island for what it offers.

After the shoot, Nicki tweeted a bummed-out farewell:

Just wrapped an amazing video on an amazing island…Always bitter sweet when I have to leave my country. Had the best time of my life shooting this video. Thank you Trinidad! Next stop: PARIS



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