Lala’s Wedding Ring Gets Upgraded By Carmelo For Her Birthday

On Friday, Lala hosted a special birthday brunch with X Rated Fusion Liqueur to kick off the BET Awards weekend in Los Angeles.

  While there, it was hard not to notice the huge boulder she was carrying around on her ring finger.  The diamond ring, which is an estimated 20 carats, was a special gift given to her by her husband Carmelo on her birthday.

Although, Lala was being very modest when it came to showing off and talking about the ring, she did mention that it was a huge surprise:

Well, I was surprised that I was given a ring. This summer will make nine years that my husband and I have been together total. He just wanted to do something special and I appreciate it. You know it’s not really about the material things to me, it’s about the thought behind it and we’ve been together for so long and I love him so much so I just appreciate it.

She also added:

That was my biggest birthday surprise and not that I don’t love my gift but more importantly being with my family and having a good time and feeling the love –to me that’s more important than any materialistic thing that you could ever get.



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