Ice T Slams Reality TV Housewives, Reveals Why Coco Is The Perfect Wife

Are people getting tired of those ‘Wives’ type reality shows yet? 

Over the past few years, reality series based on the lives of every type of wife and girlfriend imaginable have hit our television screens providing networks with some of their highest ratings. Folks are even going as far as attempting to create reality shows based around mistresses of successful men. [Foolishness].
One person who has been vocal about not being fond of these type of shows, is rapper/actor Ice T (who happens to have a reality show of his own with his wife Coco). Last year, he went in on Basketball Wives while questioning why some of the cast were on a show about ‘wives’ but have never been married:

…Are any of the ‘Basketball Wives’ even married??? …So shouldn’t it be called..”Basketball Dumped Hoe? People love to call my wife a Hoe. Well at least she is a WIFE.

He recently sat down with Atlanta’s HOT 107.9 and had a few more choice words for reality TV housewives.

I think its wrong to promote that when you’re successful that its a bunch of drama and pain. I’m looking at these housewife shows and these broads are mad. I’m like ‘B-tch! You in a mansion. How could you be mad?’ That’s disrespectful to people that have it bad and are struggling.”

Ice T also took the time to dish on why he feels Coco is the perfect wife:

I’m much more of a Bonnie and Clyde dude…When I seen Coco, I was like ‘damn, this is the caliber of female I’m looking at. Now, I didn’t care if she was black, white, [it] doesn’t really matter to me. When I got at her, she was just what I was looking for. I was watching ‘The Osbournes’, I’m like ‘would Ozzy even have a house if it wasn’t for Sharon Osbourne? She holds it down’. So Coco came in and became my assistant, helped me get my life together…since I been with her, I’ve tripled my income. You gon’ keep a woman that helps you make money. So we’ve been together now 11 years. It’s been beautiful. And I live by the rule: “One down b-tch equals ten funky hoes”.



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