VH1 and Shaunie O’Neal fire 3 cast members due to falling ratings

According to gossip e mco, VH1 and Shaq’s ex Shaunie O’Neal have axed 3 cast members of the problematic Basketball Wives reality show.

 If true, it can be assumed that VH1 and Shaunie found 3 new cast members — who were recruited to be “friends” of the other cast members.

A source told TMZ that Royce Reed, left, Jennifer Williams (right) and Kesha Nichols (center) also got their walking papers — and will be replaced next season.

TMZ claims Royce was axed because her baby daddy, Dwight Howard, got a judge to force Royce to keep his name out of her mouth. Jennifer was let go because she filed a fake lawsuit against Nia Crooks for slapping her on the show, and Kesha was just too “boring.”

If this is true, the women are being fired to make room for new cast members who will breathe life into the show’s falling ratings.
As you know, most urban reality shows are scripted urban soap operas surrounding a cast of fake “friends” who really didn’t know each other until they met to read the scripts for the first time.
Networks such as VH1 and Bravo have audiences of gullible women (and some men) who believe everything the network throws at them. Thanks to blogs and other intellectuals, the public is now more aware of the wicked motivations behind these so-called urban “reality” shows.

An inside source told me that VH1 is dismayed that I seem to know so much about what’s going on behind the scenes. The source told me that one of the producers asked her if she was telling me anything about the cast members. But she didn’t have to tell me anything. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see through their bullsh*t.



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