Miami Hotels to Evelyn and Chad: ‘We don’t want your FAKE wedding!’

it all started in 2010 when Evelyn Lozada’s “rep” emailed me a photo of Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco on their first “date” in Miami.

The guy was concerned that Evelyn’s latest publicity stunt wasn’t catching fire quick enough with the public. He asked me to write a post revealing Evelyn’s “new love interest on the show.” I obliged because it was a scoop — even though the guy explained to me that the relationship was a fraud.

“Do you think [the public] will buy it?” he asked.

Now pretty much everyone in the free world knows that Evelyn and Chad’s engagement is a fraud — including luxury Miami hotel and resorts where the show’s producers have been frantically searching for a location to hold their fake wedding.

The reality TV couple is currently filming their “BB Wives” spin-off show “Ocho and Eve” … and the big season finale will feature their glamorous wedding — but the couple hit a snag because none of the best venues want to deal with their TV show drama.
We’re told the St. Regis, The Ritz, and Breakers have all turned the couple down so far … telling producers they didn’t want to deal with any fighting or risk having their hotels portrayed in a negative light on camera.

The “wedding” is set to film somewhere next month.



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