Ciara Is ‘One Woman Army’ In New Promo Shot

Ciara is ready for war in her new promo shots for her forthcoming project, ‘One Woman Army’.

Dressed in an American Flag top and Marques Al Meida cut out jeans (recently spotted on Cassie), Ciara is giving flare and attitude in her the new shots while sending the message, ‘Don’t count me out just yet’.
She tells MTV:

“This is the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in my life and in my career and I’m so confident with being vulnerable. At one time I was very afraid to be as vulnerable as I am and I really let my heart into this. This is like a journal, my own personal journey when you get this record. Of course, you have to have some dance moments, it’s only right that we do that. There are fun moments, very personal, there are moments when I darn near cried writing songs but it was really about pouring my heart into the songs and let the music take me away.  ‘



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