Kenya Bell’s Estranged Hubby Wants Her To Support Him With Her ‘Basketball Wives’ Checks m

‘Basketball Wives’ might have ruffled a lot of feathers recently but the stars of the show are profiting big time! 

Especially newcomer Kenya Bell, who just signed on this season and is reportedly making $300,000 from the show plus sales from a new single that she released on Itunes. Now, her estranged hubby Charlie Bell has his hand out and he wants his cut. 

Last year, Charlie was dropped from the NBA and now Kenya is making three times the amount of money he’s bringing in as a baller over in Italy. The tables have definitely turned. Although he has at least a million in the bank, he recently filed for spousal support in hopes that Kenya will now have to pay him in the divorce settlement after years of him having to support her and the kids. 

Kenya, on other hand, is denying that she makes that much from the show but she would definitely like a piece of that million he has sitting in the bank.

If Kenya is making $300,000 for her first season, we can only imagine how much table-jumping Evelyn and Tami Roman are getting per episode. 

Ironically, if it wasn’t for her marriage to Charlie, Kenya wouldn’t be on the show. She peaked the interest of the producers last year after she was arrested for allegedly stabbing Charlie with a box cutter in Michigan.



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