Pink, Joe Jonas Slam Chris Brown Over Lip Syncing

Singers Pink and Joe Jonas slammed Chris Brown on for lip syncing his way through his song “Turn Up the Music,”

 during Sunday night’s live television broadcast of the 2012 Billboard Awards.
Pink took to her Twitter page Sunday night and tweeted:

“One day if i lipsync i hope i do it as well as him…”

After getting raked over the hot coals by Brown’s immature Stans, she tweeted again, “Oh my lord, its so easy…its so damn easy. Keep it coming people, this is some good reading…”

Pink’s husband, Carey Hart, leaped to his boo’s defense, tweeting:

“Im pretty sure I saw my wife did that same performance, but she was 3 months pregnant and actually sang the song,” he wrote, before addressing a fellow biker. “If any of your guys are riding on Chris Brown performance, please fire them.”

Then Joe Jonas jumped in with both feet, tweeting: “What happened to people singing live???”
The answer to that question is: auto tune, and singers like Chris Brown who sound good only in a studio.



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