Female Rappers Unite: Lil Kim, Eve & Missy Elliott (Video)Perform At Paradise Theater

Nowadays, it’s hard to get a group of female rappers in the same room…

Last night, Lil Kim kicked off the ‘Return of The Queen’ tour at Paradise theater in the Bronx and it was all love as rap veterans like Pepa (of Salt & Pepa) EVE and Missy Elliot came out to support as well as Mob Wives’ star Drita, Love & Hip Hop’s Somaya Reece and a very pregnant Yandy Smith. 

The show kicked off with Lil Kim performing ‘Black Friday’ before she went into a few crowd favorites from ‘Hardcore’, ‘The Notorious K.I.M’, ‘The Naked Truth’ and ‘La Bella Mafia’. Eventually, the beat for Missy Elliott’s ‘Hot Boys’ dropped and the crowd went crazy as Eve and Missy Elliott hit the stage to perform their verses.  Eve also stuck around and rocked the crowd to ‘What y’all want’.

Mob Wives’ Drita D’Vanzo also appeared on stage with Lil Kim to perform, ‘It’s All About The Benjamins’. Lil Kim had spotted Drita in a few youtube videos covering her songs at parties and she reached out to her and asked her to host the show and perform. 

Hopefully this is a step towards something way bigger. A song, a video..a Ladies Night Part 2.  The fans are ready..



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