Rihanna’s Diane Sawyer Interview Helped Her Snag The Role In ‘BattleShip’

Rihanna was spotted out in a white crochet skirt last night as she enjoyed a late night dinner with her bestie Melissa. 

She’s currently enjoying the success of her new film, ‘Battleship’ which is opening the doors for more lucrative acting opportunities for Ri in the future.   The most impressed by her performance, was the film’s director Peter Rosenberg.
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Peter admits that Rihanna wasn’t exactly on his radar until he saw her highly publicized interview with Diane Sawyer after the 2009 domestic violence incident.  When the role for ‘Battleship’ came about, he called her in for an improv session and was immediately blown away.

I’d obviously seen [Rihanna’s] videos and was a fan of hers. The videos were really sexy and obviously, you know, very entertaining to say the least. But what first caught my eye about Rihanna was an interview she did with Diane Sawyer after the Chris Brown incident, where she was very articulate, very poised, obviously a smart girl who talked about a very traumatic experience. That was a legitimate, violent, real experience that would traumatize anyone. I thought she handled herself very well. I was intrigued. That was the first time I really remember Rihanna kind of coming on my radar, someone that was more than just kind of a sexy girl that sang hip-hop songs.



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