Drake & Tyra Banks’ Date Night At Yogurtland

It looks as though Drake is bagging all of the celebrity women!

Okay, we won’t jump to conclusions just yet. Since Tyra Banks is always about her business, the two could simply be working on an upcoming project.
Last night, Drizzy and Tyra were spotted on a lowkey ‘date night’ at Disneyland together as well as Tyra’s favorite yogurt spot, Yogurtland. Unfortunately, Drake left a bad impression on one of the employees who tweeted:

Thanks to my coworker & I Drake and Tyra got hooked up with Yogurtland tonight❕
He didn’t deserve it though
I told Tyra she was pretty & she said thanks & my co worker told drake he was cute & he didn’t say anything just turned his head. He got all butt because I took a pic too.
He told me to stop. Hahah Oh please do so! He’s not even cute!
He was being a douche. I heard they were dating
I’m disappointed. Bad first impression you know. Wasn’t not what was expected.



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