Bow Wow Celebrates Daughter’s First Birthday

My, how time flies.   It seemed like just yesterday,
Bow Wow was a teenage little boy holding down the #1 Spot on 106 and Park each and every week and now he’s a father to a 1 year old.

You may remember, just last year, Bow Wow wrote an open letter to his fans, revealing that he was a father to a beautiful baby girl named Shai. Soon after, the internet was buzzing with gossip about Bow Wow’s child’s mother Joie Chavis and her refusal to put his name on the birth certificate because he skipped out on the baby’s birth. It looks as though they’ve finally let bygones be bygones and have begun a cordial relationship for the sake of their child.

Last week, Bow Wow and Joie celebrated their daughter’s first birthday with a super bitchie birthday party. It had a Minnie Mouse theme and Shai was surrounded by family and friends during the festivities.



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