New Video: Rihanna – “Where Have You Been”

Can Rihanna dance her way to the top of the charts?

Rihanna released her newest video for dance hit ‘Where Have You Been’, and although it lacks the emotion and storyline of the ‘We Found Love’ video, the different looks, dance moves and scenery serve up a pretty good video. 

Her search for the perfect lover begins with Rihanna emerging from the sea in some kind of scaly mermaid look. There are a few different costume changes throughout the video, but there is no love interest. It’s just Rihanna and a gang of ferocious dancers showing off the choreography that Rihanna worked hard on for weeks. 

RiRi’s venture into a choreography-heavy video gets an A for effort. Some parts of the dance sequence were reminiscent of the zombie scene from Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and at other times Ri looked like she could take on Beyonce, but you can tell that she put a lot of effort into making this an entertaining visual for the ‘Talk That Talk‘ record books.



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