Rihanna Gets Her Dance Moves Together For “Where Have You Been” Music Video

If you thought Rihanna wasn’t much of a dancer, then you can guess again.

She’s putting in some serious footwork in the upcoming video for her high-energy ‘Talk That Talk‘ track ‘Where Have You Been’.

In the first behind the scenes clip she’s releasing to build up anticipation for the already longed-for video, she takes us behind the scenes of a two-day choreography rehearsal during which she does her best to get all the steps down and evoke the emotion of the song through her body. Rihanna says she normally doesn’t do much dancing because she doesn’t have time to rehearse and make up dance moves due to her outrageous schedule, but getting the steps right was really important for this video.

“I was never going to shoot this video if I couldn’t do choreography because It would be pointless. It would be disappointing.”

Rihanna was so serious about getting the moves right for the video she ate her dinner while dancing during day one.
Now that Rih Rih is dancing, she’s really about to be untouchable. Watch out now!



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