Celebs Out & About: Rihanna, Nicki Minaj,

R&B singer Rihanna continues her downward spiral straight to Hail. Sources at MTV say Rihanna was behaving badly at the recent Coachella music festival.


 The 24-year-old Bajan was pictured snorting coke off the top of her bodyguard’s bald dome as she straddled his shoulders during the concert. Rihanna lashed out at MTV on her Twitter account the next day. Still, that didn’t stop A-list celebrities from partying with her at the 15th annual benefit for EIF’s Women’s Cancer Research Fund.

 Rapper Nicki Minaj looked like a bondage lover’s dream in London on Wednesday. The rapper was dressed in a red jacket, a black body suit and black tights, wrapped in leather straps.

A-list celebs love train wrecks like Rihanna, who sang for Steven Spielberg (not pictured), Kate Capshaw and Sheryl Crow at the event Wednesday night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. Yes, that’s the same hotel where pop icon Whitney Houston passed away in February of a drug overdose. How ironic.



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