Azealia Banks Signs With Lady Gaga’s Manager

Azealia Banks is on the fast track to becoming a heavy-weight superstar.
She’s already worked with frequent Gaga collaborator Nicola Formichetti on her unreleased video for spitfire track “Liquorice.” Now, just days after her highly-praised Coachella performance, she’s snagged Gaga’s manager Troy Carter, CEO of Atom Factory, to help manage her path to success.

Aside from assisting Lady Gaga with becoming one of the biggest pop stars to date, Troy was also instrumental in the commercial success of rapper EVE. Under his management, Eve went from being Ruff Ryder’s first lady, pegged ‘the pitbull in a skirt’, to selling over 8 million records as a solo artist and achieving crossover/pop success with the single, ‘

Let Me Blow Your Mind’ featuring Gwen Stefani. She also became the first rapper to star in her very own, self-titled, TV show and later launched her own clothing line, Fetish.
Yesterday, Azealia was suppose to release her new EP, ‘1991‘ EP, however she tweeted that the release was being postponed until a later date due to her change in management:

“I just switched management.. Literally like three days ago, and have a whole new set of resources to take advantage of.”
“We’re gonna vamp this up and make it official.. No more ghetto mixes and closet recording.. I have a budget now! #brokewithexpensivetaste”

Broke with Expensive Taste will be the title of her debut album which will be released later this year through Universal.



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