Antonio Cromartie 10 Kids, 8 baby Mamas, Wife Responds To Reports Of A Reality Show

New York Jets player Antonio Cromartie (28) is in the news once again but this time it has nothing to do with his NFL contract or child support payments.

 It seems as though the 8 mothers of his 10 children (well excluding his current wife Terrika from E’s Candy Girl fame — so that would actually make 7) have been approached by a television production company that is interested in creating a reality show around this modern day mix up of the Brady Bunch but the only issue is that Antonio, for obvious reasons, won’t sign off on it. 

Antonio and Terrika welcomed his 10th child into the world last year, a baby boy name Jagger, and Terricka is currently pregnant with twins that are due in November, according to her twitter page. The other mothers are spread out over six states which include, Georgia, Florida, California, Texas, North Carolina and Jersey.
When news of the Baby Mamas uniting together started making it’s rounds on blogs and news sites, Terricka took to her twitter to clear up some things:



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