Jennifer Williams Speaks On Evelyn’s New Personality

This season of ‘Basketball Wives’ has e’rybody running for cover with folks are getting wine bottles and plates thrown at their heads.

 people getting slapped across the face, clutch purses to the dome, and women kicking off their shoes and jumping on tables. Except for the slap across Jen’s head, Evelyn has pretty much been responsible for all of the other incidents.

Her ex-BFF/current enemy Jennifer sat down with Shade 45′s Money Team radio show recently to talk about what’s really going on with her former friend of 10+ years. Jenn says she still has no idea why Evelyn is so heated all of the time and that the blog that Evelyn’s so mad about was written before the reunion show and she saw her then without a problem. She also says that Evelyn is “angry” [everyone can see that] and says in all the time she’s known her, she’s never seen her be so “crazy”, so she has no idea what is going on.



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