Chris Brown & Rihanna To Perform Together In Australia?

Is the world ready for Chris Brown and Rihanna to hit the stage together? If not, hold onto your seat belts! There is a very high chance that the two will hit the stage together this Saturday. 

Rihanna is currently in Sydney, Australia promoting her new ‘Battleship’ movie and Chris is boarding a plane and on his way to Sydney as we speak before he hops over to Brisbane for the opening leg of the annual Supafest show (one of the biggest annual concerts in the world). It is rumored that they will perform ‘Turn up the music’ together for the first time and maybe even ‘Birthday Cake’.
Meanwhile, the Supafest producers took a lot of heat for booking Chris because of his domestic violence charges, however, they were able to look beyond his past troubles because he is currently in demand.

At the moment he’s having No.1 records around the world, people are feeling it’s appropriate because he’s in demand. It’s undeniable he is the No.1 male artist in the world right now. Rihanna took an artistic view, not a personal view, when she worked with him again.
I’m happy to take the lead if television and radio are shutting him down, but you have to take the fact that everyone has accepted it.

If Chris and Rihanna do perform together it will help boost promotion for Chris’s new album which comes out in May. Up until now, it has been a struggle for his team to promote it outside of twitter because he doesn’t do interviews.



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