Steve Harvey Buys Wife 25 Carat Ring

Steve Harvey seems to have all the relationship advice when it comes to women acting like a lady and thinking like a man, however, the follow up book should be titled, ‘Fellas, This is how you treat your woman’.

Steve is obviously ballin’ out of control and he recently splurged those baller bucks on a 25 carat canary yellow diamond ring for his wife Majorie. (Diamonds are obviously his wife’s best friend). During a recent episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Steve and Majorie ran into Nene Leakes in Los Angeles and Nene literally gasped for air once she got a good look at Majorie’s bling.  When she inquired about how big the ring was, Majorie told her that the center of the ring was 25 carats to which Nene replied, ‘Majorie, now you know you gotta be like [getting it in the bedroom.]‘.



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