Nicki Minaj at Best Buy for ‘Roman Reloaded’ Meet & Greet

Fans of cartoon rapper Nicki Minaj, 29, formed a line outside Best Buy in the Harlem borough of New York City more than 24 hours before she made a fashionable entrance into the store.

Nicki didn’t disappoint, wearing a platinum blond wig, black leotards, a starry body suit under a black satin cropped jacket, and animal print pumps. Her sophomore album, Roman Reloaded, dropped yesterday. The CDs were immediately scooped up by her rabid fans who are eager to hear Nicki’s schizophrenic rhymes. 

Fans screamed her name as she made her way into the Best Buy for a CD signing. Nicki is confident that Roman Reloaded will top the sales of her critically acclaimed debut album. Pink Friday debuted at #2 with over 1.7 million in sales.



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