Pastor Puts Stripper Pole In Pulpit To SAVE Marriages!

If you’re one of our Ohio readers, you can make your way down to Pastor Mike Scruggs’ church for a new take on “the word.”

  He takes a more “modern” approach to his sermons which often covers sex, drugs, and other worldly issues. Most recently, he put a stripper pole in the pulpit…..for his series of sermons called “Battle Of The Sexes.” Deets inside….

Church is anything but boring at the Light of Word Ministries in White Oak, Ohio.  Pastor Mike Scruggs is on a mission to save “marriage”  so he put a stripper pole (as well as a bed) in the pulpit for his series of sermons on marriage called “Battle Of The Sexes.”  And guess what….he had a packed house!

Pastor Scruggs also scattered dollar bills, lacy lingerie and killer high heels at the base of the neon pink pole.  On the opposite end of what men want, he had a stage for candy, roses, teddy bears, and a bottle of wine (for what women want). 



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