Celebs Out & About: Drake, Romeo Miller, Soulja Boy

Rihanna’s bestie Drake was spotted leaving his afterparty held at Low club in London after performing at the O2 Arena Tuesday.

Rihanna also attended the party but both performers left separately at 3.30am from the club in Mayfair. There are reports that Rihanna is dating Ashton Kutcher, but those rumors are unconfirmed by my well-connected source.

 Just when we were wondering what ever happened to the lame rapper who put out that hit song “Crank Dat (Supaman Dat H*e), up pops Soulja Boy in West Hollywood, yesterday, where he went on a shopping expedition with Bow Wow’s former sidekick, Khleo Thomas. Khleo is one of those former stars (like rapper Nelly) who clings to more popular celebrities hoping to enjoy the benefits of celebrity perks, i.e., loose women, free clothes, etc. I wonder whose money they were spending, since SB is reportedly broke?



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