Matthew Knowles: Beyonce would never judge a reality TV show

Tavern singer Beyonce, who is busy raising her surrogate’s daughter, Blue Ivy, was the subject of rampant.

rumors that she would appear as a judge on ‘X Factor’. One rumor has it that Bey turned down $500 million to appear on the reality show as a judge (it apparently wasn’t enough cash).
But her father, Matthew Knowles, dismissed such rumors as unfounded and speculative. He knows better than anybody that his daughter is above judging TV music shows.
In an interview with The Sunday Mirror, Knowles said he recently spoke with Beyonce who told him she had no interest in a career as a TV talent judge.

“It would never happen as Beyoncé would never do that. There are a few things that she would never do and that is one. It’s not for her.”

Clearly, Beyonce’s ego is too enormous o be on the same judging panel with the likes of Janet Jackson, who was also rumored to be approached by Simon Cowell.
Cowell is in the process of interviewing celebrities to fill the hastily vacated seats of ex-judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, whom he fired earlier this year.



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