Karrueche & Chris Brown Clubbing, Victor Cruz & His Fiancee @ The Nets Game, & Beyonce & Blue Ivy @ The Park

Chris Brown and his girl Karrueche were spotted laughing it up last night as they left Tru Hollywood Nightclub in Hollywood. 

 Kae had the internet on fire this week after she allegedly posted to her facebook account,   ‘I’m Angelina, you’re Jennifer. C’mon you see where Brad at” in reference to Rihanna.  A status message that read ‘I Got Him…You got pictures’ was also posted, however Karrueche posted on her twitter page that she doesn’t have a facebook.   Who’s the imposter?

Beyonce is definitely diving head first into motherhood.  The normally six-inch wearing Bey hit the streets of New York in loafers and a modest bun while taking Blue Ivy out for some fresh air at Prospect Park.  [Well, it’s sort of hard to get ‘fresh air’ when you are covered in a blankie but you get the point].  Although it was reported that Gwyneth Paltrow bought a $1000 stroller for Blue Ivy, Bey prefers to keep Blue Ivy close and protected by carrying her around in a baby wrap.

NY Giants Victor Cruz and his fiancee Elaine were spotted taking a break from their newborn to hit up a Nets game earlier this week. According to Victor, the two have been invited to the annual MET gala by Vogue EIC Anna Wintour and Elaine is uber excited. Start picking out your dress, girl!



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