Eddie George Found In Car With A Drunk 21-Year Old, Releases Statement

When you are a NFL Hall of Famer that’s married to a singer from a 90′s R&B group and the two of you just released a book on how to keep your marriage intact, the last thing you want to do is get caught with a 21 year old blonde at 2am in the morning.

Eddie George found himself in a sticky situation earlier this week when cops stopped the car that he was driving in with pro-golfer Rachel Connor and busted her for D.U.I. Although, Eddie wasn’t charged, folks was wondering what the heck he was doing riding shotgun at 2 in the morning with some chick who wasn’t his wife Tamara, better known as ‘Taj’ from SWV. The couple have been married for 13 years and are currently promoting a new book titled, “Married for Real: Building a Loving, Powerful Life Together.”
Eddie wants everyone to know that it’s not what it seemed and he definitely wasn’t getting any pro-golf goodies on the side. He released a statement today stating that he was simply getting a ride back to his hotel with Rachel after a charity event:

“As part of a two-day charity golf event, a group of us who had played together on Tuesday celebrated at dinner.  The group included Rachel Connor.”
“After dinner, as everyone left the restaurant together, we realized that Rachel lived the closest to where I was staying. So she offered to drop me off.  I believed her to be competent to drive and not impaired at all.  We were stopped shortly after we left.”
“At first, I hesitated to respond to this story. But I now see that people are willing to think the worst. So my wife, Tamara , and I believe we have to address this.”
“Rachel Connor was simply trying to be nice by offering me a ride. No one in our group felt she was impaired or we all would have stopped her from driving.”

Ironically, Tamara did an interview recently promoting their new book and she cited keeping outside negativity as one of the most important elements to keeping a marriage on track:

The most important element to keeping a marriage on track is finding a way to keep most of the negativity from outside of your household away from your household. Marriage is tough enough without negative outside influences. Guard your union!



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