Drake Twitter Beefing With His Ex Maliah Michele?

It’s no secret that Drake loves his big booty models/strippers and has a hard time letting go when it comes to his woman. 

 Two years ago, he fell for Houston stripper Maliah Michele after he saw her dance and ended up flying her out to Jamaica to be play the lead in his  ‘Find Your Love’ music video. What happened afterward is somewhat a blur but a year or two later, both seemed to have moved on. Maliah spent the bulk of late last year being wined and dined and taking to Award shows by Sean Kingston who didn’t mind scooping up Drizzy’s Left Overs.

Although we haven’t heard a peep about Maliah from Drake since 2009 (he had bigger fish to fry like Rihanna and Serena Williams), yesterday he hopped on twitter for a little subliminal tweeting:

Sometimes I wanna tweet things like “B-tch how you stop f-ckin with me and now you live on twitter everyday”…but then I just don’t.”

Although Drake may or may not have been tweeting about Maliah, she definitely took it to heart. She tweeted back:

Lmao Yess I love twitter and I don’t f**k with disrespectful crybaby ass n-ggas that’s y

Drake responded:

Guilty consciences all around me. Lol.

Meanwhile when Maliah’s followers caught on to what was going on, she shut them down and said she’d rather not hear anything else about him

Lmao y y’all think that is the only man in my life it was 2 years ago. Please no more talk about him. Find me someone else. Who will appreciate me.”



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