Twitter Beef: Matt Barnes vs The Game’s Crew Over Gloria Govan

When I first read the Twitter beef between Matt Barnes and The Game’s Black Wall Street crew over Gloria Govan, I couldn’t do anything but hold my breath and clutch my pearls. 

Last year, when Matt released a statement saying that he had split with Gloria after she slept with a former friend of his, there were rumors flying that the former friend was rapper ‘The Game’. Well, Last night, a member of The Game’s crew Avante Rose decided to stir up some drama with Matt by alluding that he slept with Gloria too. Unsurprisingly, Matt snapped back and the two went at it via twitter.
It all started when Avante Rose posted a pic of Gloria allegedly wearing his hoodie asking followers whether or not she’s a ‘smash’ or ‘pass’:

“Smash or Pass …….Can u guess who’s wearing my money gang hoody ??? Hint: #basketballwives.
@GloGovan @Matt_Barnes22 well n—a when yaw was split up yo b—h got f–ked many times in yo house #EndOfThatStory
@Matt_Barnes22 n-gga yo b—h come off tha bench jus like u. Don’t tryda check me check yo h–. n—a I’m hood rich so as long as i can go buy 5 of them ThaNgS I’m good,but err time u look @ yo wife jus kno she got f–ked. better yet u can go f–k all my babymama’s becuz i hate all them b—hes then we will be even.”

Matt came back full force acting like he wasn’t worried about who Gloria was laying up with while they were split up briefly last year

@avanterose “That’s what snakes do…I’m a real n—a!! Plus when I was single I only f–ked w/ 10s & better, check the track record scrub!!
@avanterose oh you mean one of my houses.. When she was single she was free to do her…Get ya weight up you tryn to live off another n—as shine, U 30 somethen w/ no house and no car..U the biggest #D—RiderNTheClick”

Although Matt later deleted his tweets, he left a tweet to Gloria that read:

>FTW I luv u @GloGovan now let’s make this sh!t work…

And Gloria responded back: ‘Us Against The World, Let’s Go’
Sidenote: These dudes are being super messy! Why so quick to run and tell dat via twitter? And Matt and Gloria are def the new ride-or-die couple. Sounds like a set up for BBWLA Season 2.



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