Beyonce & Jay-Z File Papers To Trademark The Name “Blue Ivy”

Beyonce and Jay-Z are not stupid in the least bit way. They have got the ball rolling by filing papers to Trademark their daughter’s name “Blue Ivy” so that others will not have the power to open up business with it…

Jay Z and Beyonce are smarter than you probably think.
The parents understand that their child is bound for greatness and will be the envy of many. So they decided, just four weeks after her birth, to trade mark Blue Ivy’s name.

Maybe diva Beyonce will use her name for a line of baby products or a snazzy fashion line.
But get this, the parents were nearly too late, since fashion designer Joseph Mbeh submitted an application to trademark “Blue Ivy Carter NYC” on Jan. 11, four days after the baby was born. Also, someone else filed on Jan. 20 for “Blue Ivy Carter Glory IV” for a line of fragrances.
She’s going to be famous.

As far as Mbeh is concerned, he allegedly planned to use the name to produce children’s clothing and pitch the idea to the new parents.

Although Beyonce’s trademark application for BGK Trademark Holdings is still pending, according to reports, the baby’s name is final, since parents have the right to trademark their minor children’s names.
Mediaoutrage– Yep, smart for them to jump lock down that name.



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