Police Kicking In Door Before Killing Unarmed Teen (Video)

Surveillance footage has been released from the killing of Ramarley Graham by the NYPD. The footage clearly shows Graham walking into his building and officers kicking down the door and entering the building without a warrant.

In the video, police can be seen pointing a gun at a resident and another resident claims the police didn’t identify themselves. After the police broke into the apartment, the 18-year-old Graham was shot and killed in his bathroom.

WPIX reports: The video clearly shows Graham walking into his home on East 229th Street in the Bronx Thursday, shortly after 3:00p.m. The NYPD then jump into the screen seconds later. Two officers rush toward the door, with one trying to kick down a locked door. He had no search warrant. Seconds later another officer holds up his gun and aims it at one of the residents who — coincidentally — was on the side of the home. A total of four officers are seen on the video. PIX11 spoke to one resident who, was cooking during the forced entry and said that the NYPD did not identify themselves “…they did not scream police.”


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