Kim Kardashian Exposed For Staged Scene Leading Up To Her Divorce

Kim Kardashian is probably wishing her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries wasn’t including in her business plan. He’s becoming an absolute nightmare for her in the press; having sources tell everyone who will listen how shady she is, that he was used and the show is fake.

and now he’s saying that Kim told him exactly, where, when and how to propose to her for their reality show.

To add insult to injury, Kris Jenner and the Kardashian Klan got themselves caught up after last week’s episode of ‘Kourtney and Kim Take New York’ aired. In a scene that was allegedly filmed in October while they visited Dubai, Kim confides in her mother and alludes that she is not happy in her marriage to Kris. 

From that clip we’re supposed to believe that that was the first hint that Kim gave to her mother that she wasn’t happy in her marriage, but if you are still one of those people that believe reality television isn’t staged I’ve got some swamp land to sell you. Though the scene was allegedly taped in October right before Kim filed for divorce on Halloween, the paparazzi caught a photo of Kim and Kris leaving a film studio in Los Angeles on December 6 where Kim was wearing the same outfit and Kris’ assistant was carrying the purple outfit she was wearing in the recently aired episode.



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