Savannah Shows Off Her 10 Carat Engagement Ring

Less than 24 hours after accepting LeBron James’ proposal, Savannah Brinson sat at courtside in the American Airlines Arena watching her man’s team, the Miami Heat, rout the hapless Charlotte Bobcats 129-90. Savannah, mother of LeBron’s two boys, showed off her sparkling, heart shaped 10 carat ring to friends and fans during the game.
 Meanwhile, on the court, it was easy to see that LeBron’s mind was elsewhere. He scored only 1 point in the first quarter. But James picked his game up in the 2nd half to finish with 16 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists.
 The occasion: the Miami Heat’s home game against the Charlotte Bobcats. And while the game turned out to be a blowout — the Heat won it 120 to 90, going 5-0 for the late-starting season, Brinson was the one sporting the major ring. 
 Here are a few more pics from the NYE dinner which turned out to be Lebron and Savannah’s “Engagement Party.”



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