In Case You Missed It: Basketball Wives: LA Finale

LA Finale

In today’s black news and black gossip,In the season finale of ‘Basketball Wives: LA’, cast members Draya Michele, Gloria Govan, her sister, Laura Govan, Imani Showalter and Malaysia Pargo meet up with antagonist Jackie Christie for the last time to tell her they’re leaving her for good. But Jackie is confident in the knowledge that there is no show without her. She makes them all get up and leave the restaurant as her way of saying she’s not going anywhere.


12 responses to “In Case You Missed It: Basketball Wives: LA Finale

  1. Malaysia made me so mad when she said “Southeren Belle”, the rest is just mess

  2. Oh and Gloria annoyed me with this whole situation btwn her and Matt. Bish don’t nobody care about you and skeletor, this wench was acting like she was breaking up with Kobe Bryant.

  3. Jackie bacon neck azz is having a mental breakdown before our very eyes.

  4. I think Gloria wanted to get Matt back by dogging him on national TV after the way he’s treated her.

  5. Kimisha-That fool had me dying laughing she looking at Jackie like yeah un-huh bytch shut up. Even though she through me the fukk off with that Eddie Munster peak at the forehead. Do better boo.

  6. I believe Jackie thinks in her delusional head she is the Teflon Don.

  7. swear ‘fo God if I had to hear Laura, the Linebacker say ‘In real life’ one mo’ ‘gin I was gonna scream. Who says that chit?

  8. Kimsha or whatever her name is is my girl with her commentaries. I just wish she had said what she was thinking to Jack.

  9. Jackie makes me want to puke.

  10. @ lady_cn: she said “in real life” because she knows reality shows are fake and scripted.

  11. LOL! Kimsha was like “he said, she said whaa?” Like who has time for that?!

  12. Jackie is a control freak and messy as hell, when she realized that was losing control she reached out to Cabbage, I mean Kimsha…Jackie is secure on this show because without her there will be no drama


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